A New P3.91-7.81 Indoor transmit video wall been installed for our Guangzhou 4S Car Shop. This Transparent LED Display is a little bit inner curved, with a 1500nit brightness, and have a nice performance in the live spot. Our customer is very satisfied with our installation service and the LED Video Wall high performance..

Indoor transparent LED Display

Transparent Window LED Display video wall or Poster is a trendy product for its, light weight, easy to install, transparency and high performance. It has been a dramatic increase for some commercial area applications, like the diamond shop, cosmetic shop, big stadium building, and CBD buildings.


Transparent LED Display has two forms one is direct to the street from the inside of the window. This form needs higher brightness which from 3000nits-5000nits, the other form is purely for the indoor environment using the brightness is the same as the common indoor LED Display. The brightness is from 1000-1500nits.


The installation method for the transparent LED Display is the same as the usual LED Display, it has base on ground, hanging, wall fixed and have the inner or out curved, angular shape, etc.. In general Transparent LED Display is the new type of LED Display it is very flexible for business commercial advertising, LED Lighting applications.