P7.82-7.82mm Window Transparent LED Screen

Pixel Pitch:7.82-7.82mm


Brightness : 1,000-4500nits/sqm

Grayscale: 13bit-16bit

Refresh: 1920HZ

Model: IT-P7.82-7.82


P7.82-7.82mm Window Transparent LED Screen

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Transparent LED Screen Install diagram

P7.82-7.82mm Window Transparent LED Screen Specification

Item P7.82-7.82-A P7.82-7.82-B
Horizontal Pixel pitch 7.82mm 7.82mm
Vertical Pixel pitch 7.82mm 7.82mm
Cabinet size 500*1000mm/1000*1000mm
Pixel density 16,384px/㎡
LED Type SMD2121 SMD2525
Best Viewing Distance 8~100m
Transparency 70%
Viewing angle 120°~120°
Temperature Storage-40℃~+80℃; Work:-20℃~+50℃
Thickness 8mm
Average power 100~150W/㎡ 150~200W/㎡
Max consumption ≤450W/㎡ ≤600W/㎡
Drive mode 1/8S 1/4S
Refresh rate ≥1920Hz
Brightness ≥1000cd/㎡ ≥4500cd/㎡
Mean time of failure ≥6500 H
Life Time 100,000 H
Installation Hangling or stacking
Protection Level IP30


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