P20 Outdoor LED Screen Billboard

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P20 Outdoor LED Screen Billboard

Pixel Pitch:20mm

Resolution: 2,500dots/sqm

Brightness : 5,000nits/sqm

Grayscale: 12bit-16bit

Refresh: 960HZ-1920HZ

Model: OA-P20-D


P20 Outdoor LED Screen Billboard



1. P20 Outdoor LED Screen Billboard Different Applications

Outdoor LED Screen Can be Used As:

1.Street Light Pole LED Sign

2. Dual Side LED Sign

3. Front Open Single Side LED Sign

4. Stadium Perimeter LED Screen

Outdoor LED Screen Different Applications

2. P20 Outdoor LED Screen Billboard Can be Installed in Different Shape

Outdoor LED Screen Can be made in Different Shape Such As:

1.Wall Mount Outdoor LED Screen

2. Wall Mount Curved Outdoor LED Screen

3. Wall Mount Angular Outdoor LED Screen

4. Stadium Outdoor LED Screen

5. Dual Pole Outdoor LED Screen

6. Single Pole Outdoor LED Screen

Outdoor LED Screen Different Form


3. P20 Outdoor LED Screen Billboard Specification

Pixel Pitch(mm) 20mm
LED Package DIP346
Module Pixel (dots) 16dots×8dots
Module Size (mm) 320mm(W)*160mm(H)
Cabinet Size (mm) 960mmx960mm
Input Voltage(AC) 220V±10%  or  110V ±10%
Current Leakage to Ground (mA) <3
Average Power Consumption (W/㎡) 180
Max. Power Consumption (W/㎡) 540
Control Mode Synchronization
Control System VAG+DVI Card+Control Cards+Transmission Cables
Video Acceptable TV  VCD DVD
Display Mode 576×576、480*576、960×576、960×960…1152×960
Transmission Distance CAT-5E≦130m /Multi-mode Optical Fiber≦500m / Single Mode Optical Fiber≦10km
Scan Mode 1/1 Static
LED Drive Mode Constant Current
Brightness (cd/㎡) 5,000
Pixel Density 2,500dots/㎡
Viewing Distance(m) 20~500m
Hor. Viewing Angle(degree) 120°
Ver. Viewing Angle(degree) 120°
Brightness Calibration 256 grade
Gray Calibration 4096~65536 grade
Images Calibration Contrast/Tonality/Single Module Lightness
Refresh Rate 960~1920 Hz/s
Frame-changing Frequency More than 60Hz
Color Depth 12bit~16bit
Continuous Working Hours >72 Hours
Using Life 100,000 Hours
MTBF >10,000 Hours
Scatter OOC Point <0.01%
Continuous OOC Point 1‰
Working Temperature -20℃~+40℃
Working Humidity 10~60%
Cabinet Weight (Kg) 42Kg/cabinet


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