The small-pitch LED display refers to the indoor LED display with an LED dot pitch below P2.5. Compared with other indoor display devices, the small-pitch LED display has the advantages of seamless splicing, modular maintenance, natural and true colors, better display uniformity, and wider color gamut space. The small-pitch LED display has the advantages of the indoor display market. Great potential.

But at the same time, small-pitch displays also face many challenges. Display effects (such as afterglow, dark first scan, redness at low gray, uneven low gray brightness, etc.), large resolution loading and stitching gaps have always been the bottlenecks of high-density and small-pitch LED displays, limiting the small pitch Application of LED display. In response to the above problems, Nova has provided corresponding solutions.

P1.667 Indoor HD LED display features

  • Adopt unified pure copper wire to ensure stable signal and power, safe and reliable use
  • Ultra-wide viewing angle design, the maximum viewing angle can reach 165 ° to expand the audience
  • Strictly control the procurement of raw materials and unique anti-deformation module kit to ensure the screen body is flat and not deformed
  • Low power consumption, low heat, energy-saving, and environmental protection, the minimum power consumption of small-pitch led display is only 300 watts
  • Standard waterproof case finished with high-quality rigid materials, the stitching gap between modules and modules is strictly controlled within 0.1 mm
  • Uniform color, high contrast, beautiful and natural picture, display without any graininess and mosaic phenomenon, good color uniformity performance
  • Ultra-high brightness, up to 800cd / ㎡ indoors, with low attenuation, high reliability and high weather resistance, perfect display screen content and attract attention
  • The latest support pre-maintenance mode, which can be disassembled and maintained before the module, the maintenance speed is more than 5 times faster than the traditional LED display, greatly reducing the maintenance time

P1.667 small pitch LED display standardization
The size of the cabinet is reasonable. Standardizing the size of the cabinet can basically achieve the splicing of any conventional screen area. The module bottom case has a slope, which can save the leaking grooves that need to be opened on the cabinet. Through this slope, the drainage can be directly processed. The problem is that the cabinet directly looks more beautiful. The front and rear maintenance common bottom case and PCB board use high-efficiency ultra-thin energy-saving power supply with large internal space and good heat dissipation performance. Use standardized cables to increase the stability and reliability of the display.