Installation Types for Outdoor LED Display Screen

—-10 Main type of Outdoor LED Screen, Outdoor Advertising Display, Outdoor LED Billboard, Outdoor Video Wall, Outdoor TV Wall.

Outdoor LED Display Screen is the main outdoor Advertising Media. It is a trendy popular media to publish commercial advertising, Publish event and all type of information to the public. It has the feature of high visibility, dynamic and flexible for various the media source.

Outdoor LED Display is always been fixed on the different type of architecture, but do you know there is how many types of Installation or fixed type of it? Here I summarized 10 main types of fixed method for your reference.


1. Standing Pillar Outdoor LED Display

Standing Pillar style is the most popular style for outdoor advertising LED Display. It consists of 3 main parts,

1. the underground base constructor.

2. the Steel Columns.

3. The LED Display fixed framework.

The Standing pillar also can be divided into the single pillar, dual pillar or multiple pillars. It depends on the size of the LED Screen. The pillar has to be stronger to support the weight of the whole LED Display Screen. So the side and thickness are also needed to be different depending on the size. 

Outdoor Stand Pillar LED Display

2. Wall Mount LED Display Screen

Wall Mount LED Display Type is little bit cost-effective than the stand pillar style. It is fitch the steel bone of the display to the building bone. and covered with the Aluminum composite panel on its perimeter for waterproof, Customer also chooses the waterproof cabinet.

Outdoor Wall Mount LED Display

3. Outdoor Inner Curved LED Display Board

This Case mainly because of the shape of the building, the inner cured LED Display will be more audience focus..

4.Building Top Fixed Outdoor LED Display

Some time the LED Advertising Investor wish a wide coverage which means a large area of the audience can see the image or videos of the ads. So a high spot for an outdoor billboard is necessary to make it real. In this circumstance fixed the outdoor LED Display on top of the building is a good choice and make the LED Display in suitable size will enlarge its advertising profit.

Outdoor Building Top LED Display

5.Outer Curved LED Display

Outdoor Outer Curved LED Display is going to make a better viewing experience for the audience.  In some case we want our led display screen been visible not only in one direction but also in a wide viewing angle. In this case, the flat LED Display board is not as better as a curved LED Display Board.  The curved LED Display may need angular LED Display module and curved LED Display Cabinet to achieve it.


Outdoor Outer Curved LED Display

6.Angular LED Display Screen

Angular LED Display Screen mainly be used on the corner wall of the building, which makes 2 direction is visible to the audience.

it some case like the outer curved LED Display screen to enlarge the viewing area.

Outdoor Angular LED Display

7. Outdoor Dual Side LED Display

Outdoor Dual Side LED Display means the opposite side are all LED Display screen, it mainly used by the street, publish road or the high way.

In this case, people from the 2 direction can watch the ads media displaying on both sides of the LED Display Screen.  The thickness should be higher than the single side LED Display cause there should be a maintenance tube in the center of the Display Board.

Outdoor Dual Side LED Display


8. Outdoor Tri-Side LED Display

Outdoor Tri-Side LED Display, Tri-angle LED Display is usually been used in the cross of the road, it make 4 direction visible.

The display type can be normal Outdoor LED Display, DIP or SMD. But there are alternatives option such as the Energy-Saving LED Display, the “Ice LED Screen”,  which means low pwer consumption, low heat general.  Another alternative option is Outdoor Transparent LED Display for its reliable quality and Anti-Typhoon and also Light weight which cut down the steel frame structure cost..

9. Outdoor Long Strip LED Display

Outdoor Long Strip LED Display known from its name, the length is much bigger than its height. This type of Outdoor LED Display is usually fixed on top of the gage or entrance, or high-way as Traffic LED Sign. Display some moved Animation, Slogan or Some Notice Message. The display can be divided into several suitable windows to show Advertising Images or Video etc.

Outdoor Long Strip LED Display


10. Outdoor Round Shape LED Display

Outdoor Round Shape of LED Display is the Creative LED Display, used the customized module to assemble unique shape to make a shock Ad Performance. So the leads time for this kind of LED Display will be longer than the common outdoor LED Display. And you need to supply your LED Display Project, then the LED Display factory will consider it and offer their solutions.

Outdoor Round Shape LED Display


11. Outdoor Round Column LED Display

Outdoor Round LED Display for fixed installation, is almost the same as the curved LED Display Video Wall. It adapts right angle LED Display module to assemble the required curve.

Outdoor Round LED Display also can be divided into several display windows to broadcast multi-media Ads Source to the audience in 360°.


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