Outdoor Advertising LED Display Applications

LED Display main function is to display alphanumeric, image and video source to the public, for its advantage of high brightness, implement color, and free to assemble to a different size, and various installation method. Here I make a summary of several common Advertising LED Display Applications.

Outdoor LED Screen Different Form

Outdoor Wall Mount Advertising LED Screen

Its very common for us to see a wall mount LED Display screen displaying the ads clip, image or video to show the audience the brand, or newly launched product, or their business concept. These LED Display usually choose SMD or DIP LED lamp, with size from 5-100sqm. It is usually been fixed at the very people flow or commercial area. It is controlled with Asynchronous or Synchronous LED Controller.

Outdoor Column LED Advertising Board.

The Outdoor Standing Pillar is almost identical to the wall-mounted LED display, the only difference being the frame. It is supported by steel pillars. But it comes in several forms, such as the single column, double column, and single side, double side or even three sides.

P8 Outdoor LED Display Screen Installation (5)

P8 Outdoor LED Display Screen Installation (5)

Curved/Angular LED Advertising Board.

As we know LED Display is very flexible to assemble to various shapes. Some project wants the display stick to the building at the Angle so that the screen is visible for 2 directions. Then the Curved/ Angular LED Display is come out to meet these requirements. The curved/angular LED Display actually are also the normal LED Display the difference is to make some special proceed at the steel cabinet and steel framework. The Curved/ Angular LED display can be divided into several section or display as one screen it is very flexible and aye catching for advertising efforts.

Energy Saving LED Display Screen Solution

Energy Saving LED Display Screen Solution

Long Strip LED Display.

The long strip LED Display is also a good option for advertising it usually displays running alpha words or logo just like the football ground perimeter LED Display but it usually fixed at the wall or at the roof of the building.

P6 Outdoor Long Strip Advertising LED Display (1)

Outdoor LED Digital Signage.

Outdoor LED Advertising Signage is usually small size LED Sign, it usually been fixed on the building wall, or at the gate of a business place to dynamically display some alphanumerical nice business name, telephone, and logo. The control method is usually synchronous and wireless control, and also most case it needs front maintenance. It also has the single side or dual sides forms.


The popular Outdoor Advertising LED Display for this model is the P16 DIP, P10 DIP, P10 SMD, P8 SMD, P6 SMD, P5 SMD, and P4 SMD. Customer needs to take the size, resolution, viewing distance and viewing angle to comprehensive consideration so that to choose the most match model.