Energy-saving LED Display Screen Solution

Energy Saving LED Display Screen Solution

Why Should Choose A Energy Saving LED Screen:


Low Power consumption and low greenhouse gases emission,make our Earth more comfortable for living and Leave a green home for the future generations.

Reduce the Operating Cost of  LED Screen

Our Energy Saving LED Screen can reduce 50% energy consumption, let us take a 50sqm P8 Outdoor LED Screen for example:



The Energy Saving LED Screen:


You can calculate that how much money you can save for an Energy-Saving LED Screen with time your local electricity price.

How to achieve a Energy-Saving LED Screen:

  1. High-Brightness LED Lamp
  • High Brightness LED Lamp is the Key point for an Energy Saving LED Screen, which means it has low PF value at the same brightness. You can get the same LED Screen Brightness but with low voltage, which will reduce the power consumption.
  1. Choose the Energy-Saving LED Power Supply
  • An Energy Saving LED Power supply enables the separate power to R, G, B LED Chip, Cause the LED Chip Voltage is different. Take Kinglight SMD2525 Outdoor LED, for example, the lowest VF for R is 1.8v but G and B VF is 2.9v, so the power supply has to offer power to R,G,B seperately.
  • Accurate Power Driving IC
  • The Driving IC has also have the function of  Accurate power to each R, G, B LED Chip, which can improve its energy efficiency and reduce the LED Screen Power Consumption.
Energy-saving LED Screen DATA

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