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A P6 Outdoor Advertising LED Billboard are Successfully Installed

A P6 Outdoor LED Display Screen has been successfully installed by LuminLED. Our Engineer team has worked for a week to installed it. This P6 Outdoor LED Display is used Nationstar LED Bead/ Lamp, high refresh IC and reliable electrical system. Our customer very appreciates our service and product performance after checking the effect. They [...]

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Transparent LED Video Wall For Car 4S Shop

A New P3.91-7.81 Indoor transmit video wall been installed for our Guangzhou 4S Car Shop. This Transparent LED Display is a little bit inner curved, with a 1500nit brightness, and have a nice performance in the live spot. Our customer is very satisfied with our installation service and the LED Video Wall high performance.. Transparent [...]

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P1.25 Indoor Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

  Here is the P1.25 Indoor HD LED Display, this LED Screen is adopted small pixel SME 0808 pure black LEDs. it is high contrast rate, high color consistency, and wide viewing distance. Main parameter: LED Type: SMD0808 Pure Black Pixel pich: 1.25mm Cabinet: 400*300mm die-cast aluminum Cabinet resolution: 320*240pixel Screen Resolution: 640,000pixel/sqm [...]

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P4 Indoor and P6 Outdoor LED Display in a Car Factory

P4 indoor LED Display 2pcs ,  one is for the conference room and the other for the factory workshop,  to display the slogan and the producing infographics. P4 is a common model for indoor LED Wall, indoor led screen applications, it adopts wall-mount installation method, with a 20cm thickness and front maintenance method. Thus [...]

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P2 HD LED Display Screen in Business Conference Room   P2 Indoor HD LED Display in conference 1. 2mm Indoor HD LED Display with a 250,000pixel/sq.m resolution. 2. Wide View angle 120 degree for both horizontal and vertical. 3. High Quality SMD1515 Was used, reliable and reduce the failure rate. 4. Optimized PCB design, good heat deception. 5. High refresh rate IC driving, [...]

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How to distinguish a LED Screen Quality

How to Distinguish a LED Screen Quality The quality of a full-color LED display can be mainly distinguished from the following aspects: 1.Flatness The flatness of the surface of a LED display should be within ±1mm to ensure that the display image does not distort, and the local bulge or indentation can cause a blind [...]

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P8 Outdoor Advertising LED Screen

P8 Outdoor Advertising LED Screen P8 Outdoor Advertising LED Screen 98sq.m outside a Library Square. 6000nit Brightness, 1,920Hz Refresh Rate and 13bit Color Depth. P8 outdoor LED Display Screen is the hot sale for Outdoor Advertising use, for its high-cost performance rate, and good image and video display quality.

2018-03-22T12:32:23+00:00March 22nd, 2018|Categories: LuminLED News|

P4.81 Outdoor Rental LED Display Screen Video

P4.81 Outdoor Rental LED Display Screen Video P4.81 Outdoor Rental LED Display Screen, 500*1000mm die-cast cabinet, 16bit color depth, 3,840Hz Refresh Rate, 5000nit brightness, 5year warranty. Can be Used for both indoor and outdoor environments.

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P8 Outdoor LED Display Screen Installation

P8 Outdoor LED Display Screen Installation P8 Outdoor LED Display Screen Installation, with a 2 stand pillar Structure for outdoor Advertising Purpose. The Size is 7.168M*5.12M, with a 896*640pixel resolution. It's used Nationstar SMD3535 High brightness LED Lamp, with a 6000nit brightness LED. IP65 Level waterproof ,  3,840Hz Refresh Rate and a 13bit color depth. [...]

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