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10 Types of Outdoor LED Display Screen

Installation Types for Outdoor LED Display Screen ----10 Main type of Outdoor LED Screen, Outdoor Advertising Display, Outdoor LED Billboard, Outdoor Video Wall, Outdoor TV Wall. Outdoor LED Display Screen is the main outdoor Advertising Media. It is a trendy popular media to publish commercial advertising, Publish event and all type of information to the [...]

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Outdoor Advertising LED Display Applications

Outdoor Advertising LED Display Applications LED Display main function is to display alphanumeric, image and video source to the public, for its advantage of high brightness, implement color, and free to assemble to a different size, and various installation method. Here I make a summary of several common Advertising LED Display Applications. Outdoor Wall Mount [...]

2019-07-11T07:00:50+00:00October 16th, 2018|Categories: LED Screen Technicals, Outdoor LED Screen Technicals|

How to distinguish a LED Screen Quality

How to Distinguish a LED Screen Quality The quality of a full-color LED display can be mainly distinguished from the following aspects: 1.Flatness The flatness of the surface of a LED display should be within ±1mm to ensure that the display image does not distort, and the local bulge or indentation can cause a blind [...]

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Black SMD LED Screen Higher Contrast Rate Better Color Fidelity

Black SMD LED Screen Has Higher Contrast Rate and fine Image Performance Your Outdoor Advertising LED Screen or Event Rental LED Screen is much brighter, but don't have good watching experience for the audience. The high Brightness doesn't give a comfortable visual experience. Is that should our LED Screen be brighter then it [...]

2018-04-10T06:16:25+00:00March 27th, 2018|Categories: LED Screen Technicals, Outdoor LED Screen Technicals|
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