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P1.667 Indoor Small Pitch LED Display Demo

The small-pitch LED display refers to the indoor LED display with an LED dot pitch below P2.5. Compared with other indoor display devices, the small-pitch LED display has the advantages of seamless splicing, modular maintenance, natural and true colors, better display uniformity, and wider color gamut space. The small-pitch LED display has the advantages of [...]

P2 HD LED Display Screen in Business Conference Room   P2 Indoor HD LED Display in conference 1. 2mm Indoor HD LED Display with a 250,000pixel/sq.m resolution. 2. Wide View angle 120 degree for both horizontal and vertical. 3. High Quality SMD1515 Was used, reliable and reduce the failure rate. 4. Optimized PCB design, good heat deception. 5. High refresh rate IC driving, [...]

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