Project Description

100sqm P5 Outdoor Nationstar LED Display

100sqm Outdoor P5 Nationstar LED Display Advertising Video Wall. Why choose Nationstar LED Beads? Nationstar is the high quality LED Beads/lamp for Outdoor LED Display screen, as it has 3 main features:

  1. High Luminance, Nationstar LED Display Beads / Lamp used good material and producing art to ensure its high quality and luminance.
  2. Better color uniformity, Nationstar LED Display sorted the LED Lamp by its brightness and wavelength strictly, so the display use it will have better color and brightness uniformity. That means it have better performance.
  3. Reliable, this is the key feature of it. Nationstar LED Display is reliable and low brightness decay.

This Wall mound outdoor P5 adverting LED Board is a typical LED Display screen case made by LuminLED. Hope you can enjoy it and

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