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P3.81 Outdoor Flexible Curved LED Display


Do you need a  Curved Flexible LED Display that fits the shape of the buildings, Regular Outdoor LED Display is make structure bend but the module is not bendable, in that case, it is not a real curve. LuminLED P3.81 outdoor Soft Flexible LED Display module is a perfect solution that solves the curve requirement [...]

P2.54 Indoor Soft Flexible Oval Column for Brand Close Shop


P2.54 Indoor Soft Flexible LED Display Congratulations A 2.5m Diameter Oval Column LED Display was done by LuminLED. This Creative design for this top brand cloth shop is very successful and reached the customer expectation. Vivid Advertising Video is displaying with this video column display to the passengers and visitors passing by. It is great [...]

P2 Indoor HD LED Video Wall


A new P2 Indoor HD LED Video Wall was finished for a conference center in Guangzhou City. This LED wall is sized 12m*8m, 2880HZ refresh rate and 16bit color depth. Give a massive video image presence for the commercial business conference center. Our customer are really satisfied for our professional service and nice product performance.

P5 Outdoor Nationstar LED Display


100sqm P5 Outdoor Nationstar LED Display 100sqm Outdoor P5 Nationstar LED Display Advertising Video Wall. Why choose Nationstar LED Beads? Nationstar is the high quality LED Beads/lamp for Outdoor LED Display screen, as it has 3 main features: High Luminance, Nationstar LED Display Beads / Lamp used good material and producing art to ensure its [...]

P3.91-4.81 Transparent LED Display For Car Shop


P3.91-4.81 Indoor Transparent LED Display For Car Shop An Indoor Transparent LED Display has been successfully installed in a 4S Car Shop In Guangzhou. This Transparent LED Display is 3.91-4.81mm pixel pitch, which means the horizontal pitch is 3.81mm while the vertical pitch is 4.81mm. Unlike the common indoor or outdoor LED Display, Transparent LED [...]

300sqm P10 Outdoor Ads LED Display


300sqm P10 Outdoor Ads LED Display Congratulate LuminLED build a 300sqm P10 Outdoor Ads LED Display is installed on a Commercial Building. 960X960mm Simple cabinet. 1920HZ refresh rate. 5000nit brightness. Use Novastar Control system. This project is for a newly launched Commodity Market in Hebei Province of China.  The customer is very satisfied with our service [...]