Black SMD LED Screen Has Higher Contrast Rate and fine Image Performance

Why your LED Screen don't have good watching experience?

Your Outdoor Advertising LED Screen or Event Rental LED Screen is much brighter, but don’t have good watching experience for the audience. The high Brightness doesn’t give a comfortable visual experience. Is that should our LED Screen be brighter then it will be more visible and have better video source fidelity?

As the LED flush out more light that means It will be more brighter, but the consequence is the light pollution. The LED screen has to be more bright than the environment light so as to be visible to the audience eye. That is because the normal LED lamp is white surface they reflect sunlight, but if we use Black LED lamp, how could it be performed?

Black SMD LED Screen VS White SMD LED Screen

Display effect

Black SMD LED Screen VS White SMD LED Screen

Static Effect

Although that Black SMD LED Screen is more high cost, But what advantage A black LED Screen has:

  1. Black SMD LED Screen has a higher contrast ratio. For outdoor products, contrast is more important than brightness. The indicators that affect the display effect of  a LED display screens are mainly the stability, brightness, chroma, contrast and viewing angle, among which the contrast determines the clarity of the display and has a great influence on the display effect; the greater the contrast, the display has better fidelity, and the image or video displaying quality will be more refined.From the actual test data, the Black SMD LED Screen contrast is about 3000:1; but the White SMD LED Screen is about 1000:1.
  2. Black SMD LED Screen display has more refined image quality. In the same brightness, the Black LED Screen will have better Contrast Rate and Deep Color Depth.
  3. An Outdoor Black LED Rental LED Screen can be used in both indoor and outdoor environment. The Brightness of an Outdoor Black Rental LED Screen is from 3000nit-4500nit, it can be used directly in the indoor environment after reducing the brightness to about 2000nit. Black LED Outdoor Rental LED Screen only loss a little greyscale.
  4. The Black SMD LED Screen Also have the advantage of  low power consumption, more energy saving and environmental friendly.